[Series of tweets by Prof. Marc Lamont Hill on August 28th, 2014. Text below.]

  • Hillary Clinton offers a statement on Michael Brown and Ferguson. 19 days later. Next she’ll offer her thoughts on Rodney King and Vietnam.
  • Despite the despicable timing, Hillary Clinton’s remarks were actually on point. She critiqued the system and didn’t blame the victims.
  • Rather than preaching unwarranted calm or drawing false racial equivalencies, Hillary Clinton put a spotlight on social injustice.
  • Instead of attacking the protestors, Hillary Clinton rightly pointed to the frayed relationships between police and community.
  • And, perhaps most importantly, Hillary Clinton addressed the elephants in the room: white privilege and institutional racism.
  • In honesty, Hillary Clinton offered the type of commentary that many of us were quixotically expecting from President Obama.
  • The only problem with Hillary Clinton’s comments is that they were cynically timed. She waited until the political stakes were much lower.
  • Hillary Clinton’s statement reflects careful triangulation and calculation driven by political interest rather than genuine feeling.

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